A comparison of Mock Trial, MUN, and Debate

Clubs like Debate, Mock Trial and Model United Nations seem similar on the surface because all three focus on constructing logical arguments and current events. However, the clubs do have variations in the many aspects of their club, such as conferences, structure, as well as what people think of the clubs.

Debate-MUN-Mock Trial Comparison

Senior Eric Lee is currently MUN Co-President
“Model UN is a club which deals with the resolution of world issues which are in both first world and third world countries,” said Eric Lee, MUN President. “It is the ultimate infusion of political intrigue with international politics.”

Senior Mihir Gokhale is currently a Public Forum captain in Debate
“Debate is a forum where you can gain a better understanding of argumentation, debate, oratory [and] research,” said Mihir Gokhale, Debate captain. “It exposes you to a lot of different things and a lot of different skillsets you will need in your real life and to succeed.”

Senior Ajay Merchia is currently Mock Trial Co-President

“[Mock Trial] teaches you how to speak, it teaches you how to write, it teaches you how to think analytically and it’s gonna help you keep that 4.0, I’m sure,” said Ajay Merchia, Mock Trial Co-President. “On top of that, we’re also an incredible family. We go to Chipotle, we have all of our fun bondings, we create these grand elaborate conspiracy theories and it really is just an incredible experience.”

Co-reported with Amita Mahajan 

A comparison of Mock Trial, MUN, and Debate

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