How do you feel: The gender scale

Lengthy debates on the internet, anonymous comments on YouTube, angry discussions on social media. We hear about gender inequality all the time. There are those from all different points of the spectrum: the radical feminists, the menís rightís activists, and those who play devilís advocate. Five students and teachers describe what gender inequality means to them.

English teacher Mark Carpenter


I am in favor of gender equality. I think of feminism extremely positively. It’s still a necessity as long as there’s a wage gap in this country, as long as there’s a huge gender gap in the tech industry. It’s 100 percent necessary, important, and good.

Gender Inequality 

I’m the advisor for the Monta Vista League of Legends club. I took over the position from the teacher who previously had this room. I wasn’t unfamiliar with the game or its culture before becoming the advisor, and I see the way that male members of the club treat the club’s sole female officer, kind of dismissively, kind of patronizingly, and I know that that stuff happens in other places at this campus. And the fight’s not over until that stops.


meghanjunior Meghan Rai

Gender Inequality 

[Gender inequality] comes in small incidents and big incidents. There’s big issues of gender inequality and there are the small everyday things you hear that sound kind of unfair. I play football, so I feel like I have to work a little bit harder and be more focused and push myself a little bit more because I’m a girl, and people won’t take me seriously if I don’t. I think we always treat men with a little more respect [than women]in society, so there doesn’t need to be a special day when we do that.


senior Mihir Gokhale

Gender Inequality

I think we’ve gone a long way in terms of creating gender equality in America, but I still think that there’s a long way still to go, especially in terms of getting more women in leadership roles.

Men’s Rights

Gender equality is, of course, a two way street, and though females undergo more oppression than males, males are still slightly oppressed in America, but not to the same scale that women are.


senior Franklin Ty


I think the idea of feminism is good, but I feel like in certain movements, it’s become more of female superiority rather than female equality. I mean there’s one thing, like females in STEM and engineering fields and all that […] but I don’t think we should give them an unfair advantage over males just because they’re female.

Transgender people

I think it’s good that people are being more accepting of [transgender people], but I just don’t like it when people become very offended over the little things people say and things that are pretty trivial.


English teacher Jessica Kaufman


I think true feminism should be an issue of equality between genders or sexes, versus having to put somebody else down. Being the way you are and owning that and really trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and be understanding of others’ perspectives […] I think that will help change the ideas that are out there.

Gender Inequality 

Women should get to own who they are as a woman just like men get to own who they are as a man. Having to be conscious of walking around at night and knowing that I could be taken advantage of in a way that a man can’t, that’s difficult.

How do you feel: The gender scale

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