Breaking Convention: FUHSD Instagram and Twitter accounts reach out to students

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. Social media has become an extremely essential part of our lives everyday. It’s unconsciously ingrained in us as we mindlessly scroll through our Instagram feeds as a hobby, or as we instinctively take our cell phones out of our pocket without a thought to respond to that Facebook message. It’s become one of the most prominent ways we communicate, and FUHSD is now catching up to that trend for the better.

FUHSD has always had a Facebook page, but recently, they’ve also established Instagram and Twitter accounts. By doing this, they hope to spread more good news throughout the community and reach out more to the younger audience that they are targeting. It’s a great way to connect with the teens they’re working with by catching them up on all the latest events and discussions.

FUHSD Communications Coordinator Sue Larson

Used with permission of Sue Larson
Used with permission of Sue Larson


“I think social media is fabulous. Before, people would learn through newspapers, which is a good way, but patterns have changed and networks have expanded, and young people these days don’t really read newspapers anymore. I’m very grateful to these social media platforms that allow us to share the good news and accomplishments of FUHSD. We have a Facebook page with 2200 followers, and so Instagram and Twitter just seemed like the next logical step for us to take, especially since they seem more popular with younger users.”




sophomore Gill WangIMG_6168

“My first thought at this was just that they’re posting events, [so] I thought it was useless because we already have class officers that tell us about all the events, so then this would just be repetitive. But then I heard that they were going to post good news which is good because we can know more about what happens in our district our community. I’m not sure how effective it will be at reaching the students, but I think that once they get the student’s attention to a certain post, students will continue following up to see what’s new.”


Biology teacher Pooya Hajjarian


“I think it’s a good way to communicate with students, and communication is a really important part of education, so the more communication that there is, the better it is for everyone involved. When our district creates, say a Facebook or Instagram page, I like that. It brings unity and it makes everything more clear to everyone. I really hope it’s effective in reaching students, and that students can also provide feedback for what can be improved.”

Breaking Convention: FUHSD Instagram and Twitter accounts reach out to students

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