MUN takes home multiple awards at Stanford conference

Used with permission of Nupoor Gandhi

While some students may have been sitting in their homes this past weekend, their heads buried in homework or binge watching Netflix in their beds, the members of MV Model United Nations were busy taking on the roles of different countries and solving the many crises that they were faced with. The Stanford MUN conference is one that the club goes to every year, but this year, they took the most amount of people that they’ve ever taken. They also took home a total of two verbal commendations, one honorable mention, one Outstanding Delegate Award and three Best Delegate Awards, which is the highest number of Best Delegate awards that MV MUN has ever gotten at a single conference. Many members also enjoyed themselves as they tackled all the issues presented to them. The goal wasn’t about winning, but rather about seeing how much they could actually assimilate into their countries or characters.

Explore the map to see the winning delegates’ positions on their assigned issues.

MUN Stanford conference interactive map

MUN takes home multiple awards at Stanford conference

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